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Installation Instructions
For Sectional 20'
and 25' Flagpoles

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[20' Sectional Pole]

Flagpole Installation Instructions:
  1. Dig hole for ground sleeve and mix concrete.

  2. Set sleeve plumb in cement. Temporarily insert bottom section of pole in sleeve and verify installation to be straight using a level. Remove pole section and let concrete harden.

  3. Assemble shaft by sliding sections together. A general purpose sealant can be used on each section if desired.

  4. Mount truck and ball to top of shaft by tightening set screw.

  5. Run halyard through pulley sheave on truck and pull both ends to clear area. Tie in a knot at this point to form a complete loop.

  6. Attach snap hooks to halyard as shown, spaced to accommodate flag.

  7. Wrap excess halyard around cleat to tie off.

  8. Stand flagpole and slide into ground sleeve.

  9. Caulk around pole at the top of sleeve to waterproof at ground level.
Attaching Snaphooks

Slip a loop through eye

Pull loop over snap

Draw tight
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